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The graduates from the University of Copenhagen are up to date when it comes to the use of IT in different academic situations, both in their studies and later in jobs. That is the ambition that have led the university to implement IT-certificates in certain BSc study programs.

The IT-certificate documents that the student has obtained IT skills that are relevant to their studies. The IT-certificate is adapted to the specific field of study, but will, however, have the following four categories of IT skills:

’Hands on IT’
- techniques and functions
It in academic context IT concept knowledge Critical and creative use of IT

Upload, download and installation (e.g. with Absalon)

Information and litterature search and evaluation techniques

Text processing, possible online group editing

Spreadsheet Presentation tools

Bibliography tools

Possibly also handling of file formats 

Data hygiene and data documentation 

Citation techniques 

Web editing

Examples from different educations:

IT in linguistic science

IT for communication

IT for collection and analysis of data or texts

IT for modelling and simulation

Including, for instance:

Image editing

Databases/corpora/internet forums

Economy control systems

Project mangement tools

Statistics tools

Handling of large amounts of dat


Apps and smart phone solutions
IT concepts used at the user level

Including, for instance:
Data, valid data, data security

Principles for database building

Differences between file types (program files, audio files, text files)

Editing and programming concepts (editors, CMS, script files, programming languages and html)

When and how IT can (not) support academic cohesion

Creative use of IT in combination with production or communication of knowledge

Including, for instance:
Advantages and disadvantages for experiments in the virtual world vs. the physical world

Options and limiations for different IT media for target audience oriented communication


You are welcome to contact Malene Andreasen at 35 32 11 47 or if you are curious about how to implement an IT-certificate in your study programme.

Read more about what CITI offers, in Danish, here.