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IT-certificate: Biochemistry

’Hands on it’
- techniques and functions
IT in academic context IT concept knowledge Critical and creative use of IT

Upload, download and installation (e.g. through Absalon)

Installation of software

Information, structure and litterature search

Text processing tools, e.g. Word

Spread sheets, e.g. Excel

Presentation tools, e.g. Power Point

Bibliography Tools, e.g. EndNote

Drawing and visualization program of chemical structures, e.g. ChemBioDraw

Computer controlled laboratory tools (FPLC, HPLC, spectro photometers)

Mathematical program, e.g. Maple

Statistics program, e.g. R

Academic databases

IT concepts related to database, data and valid data

Describe in details the major algorithms and concepts in bioinformatic software

Correct use of academic terminology

Use of relevant tools for managing large amounts of data materials, as well as experimenting and critical approach to the tool's advantages and limitations

Critical reflection on IT-based bioinformatic analysis

Critical assessment of a method's strengths and limitations, and the reliability of data