19% more applicants for KU's IT-educations – University of Copenhagen

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27 July 2011

19% more applicants for KU's IT-educations

The universities have broken the record with a total of 7% more applicants than last year, but for the IT-educations at the University of Copenhagen the increase has increased by 19%. 824 applicants have chosen an IT-education at the University of Copenhagen af a priority, with 292 of these choosing it as their primary priority, which equals an increase of 7% for the primary applications compared to 2010. 
Acceptance area 2010 2011
Total Primary priority Total Primary priority
Computer science 245 136 344 159
IT and health 83 24 103 22
Communication and IT 309 93 305 88
Science and IT 54 19 72 23
Total - KU's IT-educations 691 272 824 292
The increase in applicants for the IT-educations can be seen as an expression of young people increasingly seeking educations with possibilities for jobs, pay and a future, and that the IT-educations have cast off their dusty image, and have instead shown themselves as innovative 
It is great that we can meet the primary priority of all the IT-applicants. It is only in the education in Communication nd IT, where there are more applicants than there is room for, that we have to refer to other educations, says Finn Kensing, director of Center for IT Innovation at the University of Copenhagen.